San Diego Carry

As of Feb 21, 2014, the San Diego Sheriff's Office has issued a press release revealing that they do not intend to appeal the landmark decision in the Peruta case, which means that they are officially accepting "self defense" as adequate grounds for "Good Cause" on concealed carry permit applications.

This renders the concealed carry permit law in San Diego as nearly "shall-issue" for law-abiding citizens with clean criminal records.
As a result, San Diegans are applying en masse for concealed carry permits. This site is intended to serve as a checklist for this process.

Steps to Getting Your Concealed Carry Permit

  1. Either call the Sheriff's License Divison at (858) 974-2020 to schedule your appointment, or mail in a completed version of the PDF file linked in this document to the address listed on their site. We highly recommend doing so as soon as possible. Application by mail skips the "appointment to apply" step which was previously a delaying issue for the application process.
  2. Print and fill out your application. Current link is here.
  3. Gather your items for the application process. Most of these items are supposed to be owed at the end of the second interview, but some people have been told to bring it all to the first one, so San Diego Carry presently recommends that you bring everything to the first interview - after all, they could change their policy so that the second interview starts right after the first one, which would speed up the process for all well-prepared applicants:
  4. Attend your first interview, which may be up to an hour long (but people have reported around 10 minutes). You will be given instructions and additional information for your second interview. We presently don't have any information on how far out your second interview usually is.
  5. Attend your second interview, preparing in whatever way they asked you to in the first interview.
  6. Prepare for the live-fire qualifications.
  7. Obtain your mandatory training from a properly certified concealed carry instructor.

Our goals

  1. To educate the public as to the extent of their lawful rights in California.
  2. To educate our membership on how best to further ours and related pro-gun causes in California.
  3. To hold safe, responsible Second Amendment activism events.
Our organization has no affiliation with any other open or concealed carry organizations.


  1. The official San Diego Sheriff's Office website
  2. The official CCW page on the Sheriff's website